Land for Sale in Timber Cove


Located about 45 minutes north of Bodega Bay and two hours from San Francisco, Timber Cove offers a rugged coastline covered in forests of redwoods and pines. The 152-unit subdivision averages about 2 acres per parcel and has been slowly developing since the 1970’s – and there are plenty of relatively inexpensive lots remaining. You’ll find the Timber Cove Inn and its famous totem pole out on the point – a 93-foot-high “Peace Obelisk” sculpture by the late Benjamino Bufano, a renowned San Francisco sculptor.

With a population of approximately 160 people, Timber Cove is mostly a hideaway for its residents and a place for boating, fishing and diving for abalone.

Land for Sale in Timber Cove

Land for sale in Timber Cove
The Timber Cove Inn rests out on the point