Rare Commercial Parcel in Bodega Bay just off Coast Highway One with Expansive views of Bodega Harbor and its Marinas.

General Property Description

The subject property is a ±13.67-acre parcel comprised of two physically distinct areas having different zoning and land use designations. The upper two-thirds of the site is of gentle slope. The lower third becomes steeper as it slopes to Johnson Gulch. The property fronts along both Eastshore Road and Coast Highway 1. The site is within the Bodega Bay Public Utility District for sewer and water service.

General Plan and Zoning

The Land Use Element of the Sonoma County General Plan designates the northern two-thirds of the site Recreation and Visitor Serving Commercial and the lower one-third Resource and Rural Development/20. The site is zoned Commercial Tourist (CT CC) under the County’s Coastal Zoning Ordinance. The property’s zoning designations parallel the site’s land use designations. The property is also within the County’s local Coastal Plan. The land use designations in the Coastal Plan are Visitor Serving Commercial.

Previous Entitlements and Known Constraints

In 1981, the Design Review Committee approved a 54-unit motel/ conference facility with a restaurant and bar. In 1983, the project was modified to include an additional conference room and two tennis courts. A Conditional Use Permit was required for the use. Environmental issues of concern were geological stability, visual impact, traffic, water quality and biological impacts. A preliminary geologic analysis found the site suitable for the proposed project pending preparation of a detailed foundation investigation prior to building permit issuance. Visual impact was addressed through project design. Improvements to Coast Highway 1/Eastshore Road were required to address traffic impacts and a biological analysis set forth conditions to address water quality and protect the wetland/marshland. With mitigations in place, the Board of Zoning Adjustments adopted a mitigated Negative Declaration and approved the project with conditions.

In 2003, Wetlands Research Associates performed a detail wetlands analysis of the upper two-thirds of the property (area zoned CT CC). A relatively small seep wetland was found in the lower portion of the analyzed area. The ditch along Eastshore Road and an area approximately mid-point on the property were found not to be wetlands.

Current Entitlement Climate

Although the General Plan and Coastal Plan land use designations and the zoning on the property have not appreciatively changed since the 1981 permit, the PRMD review process, regulatory agencies requirements and general plan policies have. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect that most uses are likely to require a Use Permit/Coastal Permit before the County’s Board of Zoning Adjustments (see discussion below). That being said, the property is designated and zoned (excepting the lower one-third) for tourist commercial uses and numerous policies within the local Coastal Plan as well as the County’s General Plan support visitor serving/tourist commercial uses. The property is within the Bodega Bay Utility District and previous technical analysis did find the site suitable for a hotel/conference facility with a restaurant and tennis courts.

Probable Uses: Upper Area

Uses that are listed as “Permitted Uses” under the CT-Commercial Tourist district , see PRMD CT use link. These uses are:

• Hotels, motels, inns, resorts

• Retail, tourist-oriented, shops

• Small restaurants (2,000 sq. ft.)

• Small antique store or art gallery (3,000 sq. ft.)

• B&B inns

Probable Uses: Lower Area

The lower one-third of the property is designated and zoned Resource and Rural Development/20. It is also shown as a Sanctuary Preservation Area in the open space element of the Coastal Plan. The Resource and Rural Development zoning district does allow some lodging use however, any development on this property will require a Use Permit. The most reasonable uses may be a single-family residence and/or resource enhancement, natural (or mitigation) area associated with the commercial use.

Purchase Terms

• Available for purchase at $975,000

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