Welcome to our reprise of the “Sotheby’s on the Coast” postcard series with local artists bringing local scenes to life through a variety of creative techniques. We hope you enjoy the series and look forward to working with you throughout the year. Should you like information about the work, please visit the artist’s website by clicking on their image – and thank you for supporting our local artists.

Low Tide by Laura Lake
Low Tide by Laura Lake

Laura L. Lake
Laura Lake is a self-taught Sonoma County artist. She moved to Sonoma County to be closer to the ocean that she loves. Her paintings reflect the power and beauty of the Northern California Coast, in all its different moods, especially the areas around Bodega Bay. Her work can be seen at her studio.

Lake Imagery Galley and Studio
516 D St., St. B, Santa Rosa, CA
(520) 635-7024


Low Tide
24×36 acrylic on canvas
Inspired by the low tide of the King Tides