Bodega Bay Market Update for March 2020

Attached below is the Bodega Bay Market Summary for March. We are working our way through the changes being dictated by the authorities regarding how we conduct our business. Not surprisingly this is in flux, but as of yesterday we have been included in the “Essential Business” category and can now show homes to clients, but with very specific guidelines…owners must vacate the home during the showing with no more than two visitors plus one agent.
Only one home closed escrow in March. Located in on McChristian Ave in Salmon Creek, it closed for $1,295,000 after just 17 days on the market. A rather unique property for Bodega Bay as it was situated on a parcel just shy of an acre. 
The lack of closed business was due more to the time of year given that January and February are often quiet on the coast. New business was normal for the time of year with four homes having accepted offers in the range of $795,000 for a one-bedroom, one-bathroom home in Bodega Harbour (another unique home) to $1,295,000 for the aforementioned McChristian sale. You can see more about these homes by clicking here.
One lot sold for $375,000. Located in Bodega Harbour, it was listed for $395,000 and sold within 55 days. There are currently nine lots for sale in Bodega Bay – ranging from a Salmon Creek lot at $249,000 to a commercial property on Eastshore Road for $1,495,000.
As always, if you would like more details on any of the information above, feel free to email us.

BB Summary for March 2020