Bodega Bay Market Update for August 2020


A remarkable month of sales activity this month with 15 homes getting accepted offers (view them here). The list price for these homes was from $699,000 to $1.5M. Five homes closed escrow during the month, priced from $895,000 to $1,875,000 (view them here).

The Bodega Bay and Harbour median sale price for the past twelve months is up 10.8% and 3.6%, respectively, when compared to the same period 2018/2019. The median price is going to keep rising in the foreseeable future, given that there are only two homes for sale in Bodega Bay – and both over $1.5M! We had not seen an inventory this low since the early 80’s when there were less than 250 homes in Bodega Harbour, plus fewer homes in Sereno del Mar and other neighborhoods of Bodega Bay. As mentioned last month, this appears to be driven by a movement from cities to rural areas – and we can now add those that are looking for a place with clean air and less fire danger.


There were three new escrows for lots in Bodega Bay – two in Bodega Harbour and one in Sereno Del Mar (view them here). A Bodega Harbour lot, listed last month for $785,000, closed escrow at full price (details here). 

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BB Summary for August 2020